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Welcome to Cathrin Brodie

It's so exciting to be here!

The idea behind Cathrin Brodie started quite a while ago. I wanted to get more involved with the creation of things. I love sewing, photography, jewellery making and could spend every last penny on some new beads.

Having said that, I also know that I can't keep making stuff just for me! Which is where the idea for Cathrin Brodie came in. I'd been buying wayyyy too many remnants and decided to make some into tote bags. Then, I thought "I could make these and sell them!"  Hmmmm ...

Well, of course it took me longer than I planned, my stitching is pretty good but not expert ... back to the drawing board.

So, if I don't make everything then someone else does. But who? And where?

And so started my search for small, Scottish manufacturers. Right from the start I have been adamant that all the products that Cathrin Brodie sells will be made in Scotland. I've seen so many jobs go to other countries and also the crazy notion of creating fabrics here, shipping them to China, making items with said fabric and then shipping them back across the world! There has to be a better way than this.

Sourcing for Cathrin Brodie

The ethos we have for Cathrin Brodie is to use Scottish made ingredients where possible. Not everything is possible - for example you may have noticed a distinct lack of coconut palms and olive trees. There are no silk manufacturers in Scotland any more. Some fabrics can be sourced here, others come from other parts of the UK, Europe and sometimes beyond.

The one thing that will always be truly Scottish is the manufacture of the item. Our bags are made by a lovely company in Edinburgh, our soaps are made in Fife, the jewellery is also made in Fife. Over the coming weeks we'll introduce you to our makers - we want them to succeed in this tough world, we certainly don't want to see them disappear!

The future

We will be expanding the range that we offer, bit by bit. We'll find new suppliers and aim to bring you something a little bit different. Quality is high on our list, together with treating our suppliers well (and expecting them to treat their staff the same way).

If you are a Scottish manufacturer or know someone who is, who you think would fit into our brand then please get in touch. We'd love to talk to you.

Thank you for visiting ...

I hope that this is going to be the start of a wonderful friendship

Pauline Randall
CEO and Founder of Cathrin Brodie Ltd

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