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COVID-19 Statement

COVID-19 has affected everyone and every business. Here at Cathrin Brodie I made the decision to close the business during the lockdown.

Opening up

Now that we are starting to move out of this phase my small business is now open again. As I mostly sell online and I work on my own, there are only a few changes that I need to make:

  1. Once packed, orders will be held for an additional 24 hours before to ensure that the contents have been sufficiently quarantined before you receive them.
  2. I always maintain high standards of hygiene when making and packing products and will continue to improve this wherever possible.


At the moment I won't be selling face-to-face at any markets or fairs - I will update this when conditions change.

Local pickup

I'm currently looking at the feasibility of local pickup for customers in my geographic area (Dunfermline, Fife). I'll update this section if I think this is viable and safe for everyone.

Looking forward

I truly hope that we will be all able to move back into a more normal way of life in the not too distant future however the most important thing is to keep everyone as safe as possible. 

I hope that you can continue to support Cathrin Brodie and the myriad of other small businesses who will be badly hit by this interruption.

I look forward to bringing you new products and to sending them too you soon.